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Checklist of things to bring when moving into your Student Accommodation - Edinburgh Edition

So you're getting ready to go study and move into your student rooms. Maybe you bagged yourself a private studio? Maybe you got lucky and secured your self catering accommodation at ELS House? Well it's time to pack!

- Check what your accommodation provides you with: at ELS House, we give you the kitchen basics and a furnished apartment. But you'll need pillows, a duvet, bedding and towels. Now, we don't think you'll want to board that plane with a duvet strapped to your back, so why not order online, ahead of time, and get it delivered to us. We'll look after it for you til you get here, so you'll be ready to rock when you arrive! Just ask us if you need any website recommendations.

- You'll need to find your way around: travelling around Edinburgh couldn't be easier, so why not download a few Apps to get you started. We love this article at (find it here) which lists some great ones.

- So let's be honest, it might rain during your time in Edinburgh!? So one of your first purchases should be a brolly - that's Edinburgh speak for Umbrella! So how about living out your Luke Skywalker fantasy with this light sabre number at (find it here)

- Sort your money oot! There are lots of great online banking/cards available so you can make payments, charge-free in some cases. Check out this list here.

- Bring some comfort food! A taste of home - we all have our favourite snacks, and for those International students, why not pack a cheeky wee reminder of home for those study breaks.

- Memorabilia from home - we are creatures of habit, and you want to make sure you settle in quickly to your new home. So, why not bring a few personal belongings to make it all feel familiar. Maybe your favourite blanket, some family pics or maybe a silly local souvenir that you can have on your desk to make you smile.

- UK power adapter - you can always grab one of these at the airport on your way here. But make sure you have a UK power adapter for your laptop charger/phone charger/straighteners/selfie-stick!

You're ready to go...University awaits...and your new home is waiting for you!

See you soon :)

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