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Safety in Edinburgh - A Student's Guide

These are exciting times, you're officially part of the Edinburgh scene now! As you prepare for your student adventure, it's natural to wonder about safety, whether you're settling into ELS House or exploring the city itself.

We’ve put together this handy guide packed with practical tips to help you and your friends stay safe while you're enjoying all that Edinburgh has to offer.

The big question: Just how safe is Edinburgh?

Here’s the good news, Edinburgh is a safe city with a low crime rate and friendly vibe, making it easy to explore with peace of mind.

Just remember to stay alert and keep your personal safety top of mind, like you would anywhere else!

Get to know the city: Exploring on foot and public transport

Lace up your walking shoes and go explore Edinburgh during the day. Check out the landmarks, figure out the safe routes, and make a mental note of places you’d rather avoid. Knowing the city's layout will help you feel more confident as you navigate the streets like a true uni student.

And keep in mind: walking around Edinburgh is about more than just getting from point A to point B. It's about stumbling upon secret spots that make you feel like a local and more connected to the city. Plus, all those extra steps are great for your physical and mental well-being. It’s a win-win!

Edinburgh has an excellent transportation network, serving every corner of the city. You can easily hop on buses and trams to get to your campus, the city’s many hotspots, and student hangouts. At ELS House, we're conveniently located on the 24-hour bus route, meaning you can get into the city centre and back anytime. Handy apps track bus arrivals and routes, while student travel cards reduce the cost of fares. Getting around is hassle-free and a breeze.

The tram route runs from Edinburgh Airport, through the centre, and continues to Leith, Ocean Terminal and Newhaven. You can catch the tram every seven minutes between 7am and 7pm, and every ten minutes again after 7pm. The last tram of the day from the city centre is at 11.30pm.

After-dark adventures in Edinburgh: Is it safe?

Generally, yes! The popular spots in the city centre are well-lit and bustling, making them safe for nighttime walks. Regardless of where you are it’s important to stay street-smart, stick to main roads and well-populated areas, and avoid dimly lit spots. Trust your instincts and avoid any situations that feel unsafe.

Before going out for the evening make sure to charge your phone. Plan your journey - it's always safer to travel with friends, especially at night. Arrange for a designated driver or safe transportation home. Stay with your group, and drink responsibly.

Stay Informed with safety updates and alerts issued by your university or the local authorities. Save important emergency contacts in your phone. In the unlikely event you need emergency help, call 999, available 24/7.

Staying secure at ELS House: Your safety matters

Moving into a new place means thinking about safety, right? At ELS House we've implemented a smart key code system that eliminates the hassle of traditional keys. Not only does it prevent lockouts, it offers peace of mind.

Our three-tier security code system offers controlled access, granting entry to the building, floor, and individual apartments. Your codes are confidential, and known only to you and the property management team. It’s useful to know we're available around the clock to assist you if you need us!

While your apartment provides a secure sanctuary, it's wise to safeguard your valuables. Keep your bank cards and PINs apart, and always lock up when you head out, even if it's just for a quick trip. Think about making a detailed list of your valuables for insurance purposes, in case of any mishaps.

You can relax knowing that both indoor and outdoor communal areas are covered by CCTV surveillance. Your safety is our top priority, day and night.

By following these tips you'll feel more at ease during your stay in Edinburgh, whether you're at ELS House or out exploring the city. Are you ready to learn more about our stylish and cosy apartments?

Take a virtual tour on our website:


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